Build Contest #1

By Anima a - Posted Jul 16, 17

Hello Trainers,

We are having our first official build contest. You can you use whatever blocks you want, but the blocks we prefer you use are [Quartz, Stained Glass, Stained Clay, Birch Wood, and Oak Leaves] For this contest you must build an EV Training area.


- 6 Rooms for Pokemon to spawn in

  - Does not need to be huge, but big enough that multiple people can train there at once

- A welcome area for an NPC, Healers and PCs to be placed

- Make it look beautiful :)


1st Place - Elite Trainer

2nd Place - Ace Trainer

3rd Place - Pro Trainer

Contest will end on 7/23/17 11:59PM EST

If we feel your build is good enough we will use it as the server's official EV Training area

Anyone can participate in the build. In order to qualify for the reward you must message me on discord telling me your Minecraft username and that you are entering.

- AnimaPlayz

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